aan de nieuwe voordeur

About us

We are Ben and Veerle and we are an adventurous couple, from Lier. We are active hedonists and we both like to be in the open air. Hiking and cycling are our favorite pastimes. We both ride in a cycling club, but we also like to travel with our trekking bikes. With the tent and all our gear on the bike, we have already explored the Spanish Pyrenees, driven from Tallinn to Minsk and toured in Zeeland.

Oasis of tranquillity

About the farm

We bought an old farmhouse (founded in 1912) that needed some love. After renovating our own house and reducing our business, we started converting the former hayloft about 7 years ago. Out of this came “Op bezoek bij Pallieter”, our largest vacation home. After a successful first year full of nice encounters and experiences, we decided to renovate a second part into a modern vacation home as well. “De schapenstal” became a slightly smaller, but cosy apartment. We also have a large garden that we like to share with our guests!


Be welcome

And thus, we are happy to welcome you here with a chat and a lot of tips for exploring the neighbourhood. We love to let others discover Lier and its surroundings, but Klavertje Lier is also the ideal base for other cities. By the way, did you know that from Klavertje Lier you can make nice geocache trips? Do you know geocaching (yet)? Then Veerle will gladly explain it to you!

See you soon! 

Ben and Veerle